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Comprehensive Glossary of Terms

Term Definition


Mountain ascetics who combine elements of Shintō and Buddhist traditions in their practices of healing and exorcism.

Yao, Shun, and Yu

Ancient Chinese Sage Kings, traditionally said to date from the third millennium BCE; the first stood as a model ruler due to his virtuous character and lifestyle.


Helpers of the Amesha Spentas who fight against the evil daivas of Angra Mainyu according to Zoroastrian belief.

Yazdegird III

The last Zoroastrian ruler, whose coronation date (632 CE) forms the starting date of the Zoroastrian calendar as 1 A.Y. (anno Yazdegird).


Tetragrammaton of the Lord's name. Jews do not speak this aloud, but substitute the term Adonai (Lord) in its place.

yin and yang

 In Chinese thought, the complementary principles that manifest in all things in the universe, such as female, dark, receptive and male, light, creative.


Spiritual practice common in India that refers not only to physical postures but also to practice on the path of knowledge (jñāna-mārga), path of devotion (bhakti-mārga), and path of action (karma-mārga).

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