Introducing World Religions:
The eBook

Information for Teachers

Introducing World Religions: The eBook is a self-contained textbook for a one-semester introductory course on World Religions. Designed for undergraduate level study, it provides everything students and teachers could expect from a printed text … and much more!

Many introductory text books seem to be written without a thought for the needs of the teachers who will use them. Introducing World Religions: The eBook is different, and has been produced with you—the teacher—in mind. Constantly updated in the light of feedback from users, the aim is to draw on the collective experience of teachers everywhere to enhance good practice in teaching and learning.

When planning a new course have you ever wondered whether you were "reinventing the wheel" and duplicating work already done elsewhere? The good news for teachers of World Religions is that you don't have to start from scratch any more. Introducing World Religions: The eBook provides a turnkey solution for anyone wishing to offer an introductory course. All the resources you need are online and ready to go.

For you, the teacher, Introducing World Religions: The eBook has many advantages over conventional textbooks. By freeing you from the time-consuming work involved in planning, developing and administering a new course you can concentrate your energy on what you do best—teaching students in the classroom!

Using an ebook enhances the learning experience. Students will appreciate the innovative pedagogic methodology and the value-added learning resources it gives them access to. Their appreciation is certain to be reflected in your course evaluation feedback.

Thanks to Introducing World Religions Online—our online resource center—students can get almost everything they need in one place. Instead of distributing handouts, simply direct your students to World Religions Online and save yourself time in the photocopier room!

Using an ebook frees you from many administrative chores. No longer do you have to worry about ordering student textbooks for the start of semester, or face the headache of books going out of print. Introducing World Religions: The eBook is available online 24/7, so students will always have a copy for that vital first class. Students who have access or mobility problems will find this a particular advantage.

Introducing World Religions: The eBook is flexible. Although designed for a standard fourteen-week one-semester course, it could be adapted for longer courses by spending more time on certain chapters, or for shorter courses by omitting some of the subjects covered. Teachers are free to use their own teaching materials to enhance the learning experience and to emphasise particular parts of the syllabus at the expense of others just as they might with a conventional course textbook.

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