Introducing Daoism

Introducing Daoism Online:
Self-test Questions With Answers

Questions Answers
1. The alleged founder of Daoism was LAOZI
2. The second Daoist thinker was ZHUANGZI
3. The earliest Daoist texts is the DAO DE JING
4. The realized person in early Daoism is the SAGE
5. His way of being in the world is through NONACTION
6. Yin-yang originally refer to SUNNY/SHADY HILLSIDES
7. The materials symbolizing the five phases are WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER
8. The art of siting houses and placing furniture is called FENGSHUI
9. The colors of the five phases are GREEN, RED, YELLOW, WHITE, BLACK
10. The fundamental life-energy in Chinese cosmology is QI
11. Life is cosmologically arranged in time around the SEASONS
12. The Shang dynasty ruled around 2000 BCE
13. The earliest oracle bones were CARAPACES
14. Shang divination was to gain information by contacting ANCESTORS
15. The question format was YES-NO
16. The Yijing was the divination manual of which dynasty? ZHOU
17. It works on the basis of which cosmological system? YIN-YANG
18. It arranges oracles into six-line structures called HEXAGRAMS
19. Its answers are in what format? ADVICE
20. The founder of Confucianism was CONFUCIUS
21. His main work is the LUNYU
22. Ritual formality in Chinese is LI
23. The ideal Confucian is the GENTLEMAN
24. The head of the celestial administration is the JADE EMPEROR
25. The Buddhist goddess of mercy in China is GUANYIN
26. A popular Daoist protector and exorcistic god is DARK WARRIOR
27. Lü Dongbin is the head of a group called the EIGHT IMMORTALS
28. The founder of Daoism as a god is called LORD LAO
29. The Great Peace movement rose in rebellion in 184
30. The first Celestial Master was ZHANG DAOLING
31. They arose under the _______ dynasty HAN
32. Today the 64th Celestial Master resides in TAIWAN
33. They interpreted sickness as a sign of SIN
34. Healing was undertaken through repentance and PETITONS
35. The revealing deity of the Celestial Masters was LORD LAO
36. Falun gong arose in what year? 1992
37. Its founder is LI HONGZHI
38. It has been prohibited since 1999

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