Revisioning Karma–The eBook


  1. Critical Questions Towards a Naturalized Concept of Karma in Buddhism

    Dale S. Wright
  2. Groundwork for a Metaphysic of Buddhist Morals: A New Analysis of puñña and kusala, in light of sukka

    Martin T. Adam
  3. Hey Lama, How About a Little Something for the Effort?: The Significance of Merit and Merit Transfer in Santideva's Morality

    Barbra Clayton
  4. Reflections on Kant and Karma

    Bradford Cokelet
  5. Karma, Rebirth, and Mental Causation

    Christian Coseru
  6. Can American Buddhism Accomodate Karma?

    Jim Deitrick
  7. Valuing Karma: A Critical Concept for Orienting Interdependence Toward Personal and Public Good

    Peter D. Hershock
  8. Karma, Rebirth, and the Problem of Evil

    Whitley R. P. Kaufman
  9. Karma, Character and Consequentialism

    Damien Keown
  10. The Karma of Others: Stories from the Milindapañha and the Petavatthuatthakatha

    Jessica Main
  11. Questioning Karma: Buddhism and the Phenomenology of the Ethical

    Eric Sean Nelson
  12. Ethical Ambiguity and the Buddhist Concept of Dark and Bright Action

    Abraham Vélez de Cea
  13. The Reactionary Use of Karma in Twentieth-Century Japan

    Brian Victoria

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