Christianity: The eBook

The contents of Christianity —The eBook have been carefully selected to balance breadth and depth of coverage. In almost 600 pages, the key teachings of Christianity are explained clearly and the historical development and spread of the religion is traced from its beginnings down to the present day. Each chapter concludes with a summary of key points, an extensive bibliography, and links to online and audio-visual resources.

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Contents Summary

  1. Chapter 1: Basic Questions
  2. Chapter 2: Christianity and the Divine
  3. Chapter 3: The Historical and Intellectual Context of Christianity
  4. Chapter 4: The Founder and Foundational Documents
  5. Chapter 5: Defining Christianity
  6. Chapter 6: Conflict and Persecution
  7. Chapter 7: The Triumph of Christianity
  8. Chapter 8: Power Shift
  9. Chapter 9: Christendom at its Height
  10. Chapter 10: Winds of Change
  11. Chapter 11: Upheaval in the Church
  12. Chapter 12: Orthodoxy
  13. Chapter 13: Old World and New World
  14. Chapter 14: Diversification and Expansion
  15. Chapter 15: The Church and the Modern World
  16. Chapter 16: A Denominational/Traditional Perspective
  17. Chapter 17: A Geographical Perspective
  18. Chapter 18: A Doctrinal Perspective
  19. Chapter 19: A Liturgical Perspective
  20. Chapter 20: Christianity and Science
  21. Chapter 21: Christianity and the Arts
  22. Chapter 22: Christian Ethics and Politics
  23. Chapter 23: Christianity and Other Religions
  24. Chapter 24: Conclusion
  25. Appendix I: Selection of Old Testament Passages
  26. Appendix II: Important Christian Creeds
  27. Appendix III: Common Prayers
  28. Bibliography

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