Introducing American Religion
– the eBook


  1. Illustrations
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Introduction
  4. Chapter 1: Religious Diversity in the Age of Colonial Conquest

    1. Native American understanding of religion
    2. Key elements in African tribal religions
    3. Diversity within European Christianity
    4. European Christian misunderstanding of tribal religious expression
    5. Judaism and Islam in the age of colonial conquest
  5. Chapter 2: European Settlers Increase Religious Diversity

    1. The Spanish and French bring Catholicism to North America
    2. Varieties of Protestantism in the first English colonies
    3. The religious mosaic of early New England
  6. Chapter 3: The Expanding Religious Culture of English Colonial America

    1. The importance of the middle colonies
    2. William Penn's experiment in religious diversity
    3. Maryland and the Carolinas create more diversity
    4. The impact of the Evangelical surge and the Enlightenment
  7. Chapter 4: Religion in an Age of Revolution

    1. Religious challenges in the late colonial period
    2. The impact of the American Revolution on religious life
    3. Legal moves in the era of independence assure religious diversity
    4. The denominations and the explosion of diversity
  8. Chapter 5:

    1. Early English colonists, Native Americans, and African slaves
    2. Evangelical missionary efforts among African Americans and Native Americans
    3. Revolution and revitalization
  9. Chapter 6: Evangelical America

    1. Evangelicalism's harvest time: the frontier camp meeting
    2. Revivalism cements the evangelical style on American Protestantism
    3. Evangelical Protestants and the erosion of Calvinism
    4. The evangelical vision of a moral society
  10. Chapter 7: Religious Experimentation Brings More Diversity

    1. Recapturing original Christianity
    2. Bringing heaven to earth
    3. The adventist impulse
  11. Chapter 8: Catholic and Jewish Growth Stretch Diversity

    1. Catholics in the new American nation
    2. Immigration spurs rapid Catholic expansion
    3. Catholic doubts about America amid nativist backlash
    4. Jews find a home in America
    5. Ethnicity's impact on American religion
  12. Chapter 9: The Impact of Civil War and Regionalism

    1. Debates about slavery spur regional religious consciousness
    2. The Civil War as a moral and religious event
    3. Region's impact in larger perspective
    4. Other facets of religion and region
  13. Chapter 10: Immigrants, Industries, and Cities

    1. The United States becomes an urban, industrial nation
    2. Immigrants and in-migrants reshape traditions
    3. Diverse Protestant responses to an urbanizing America
    4. Ethnicity, gender, and reform in urban America
  14. Chapter 11: Other Dimensions of Urbanizing America

    1. American religions encounter world religions
    2. Gender issues add new dimensions to American religion
    3. New currents among Native American tribal religions
    4. Bible conferences and summer retreats offer relief from urban life
  15. Chapter 12: Modernity Brings More Change

    1. New intellectual approaches challenge traditional thought
    2. Fundamentalism's impact on American Protestantism
    3. Other intellectual currents bring more variety in belief
    4. Pentecostal stirrings enrich religious life
  16. Chapter 13: Reaction and Retreat

    1. Prohibition as social reform and as a reaction to diversity
    2. Growing intolerance reflects fears of a pluralistic culture
    3. The vision of a reborn Klan
    4. Communications media move in new directions
  17. Chapter 14: Quests for Unity amid Diversity

    1. Depression and another world war complicate religious life
    2. A righteous nation confronts “godless” communism
    3. Other efforts to promote common identity
    4. Cracks start to erode the veneer of unity
  18. Chapter 15: The “New Pluralism” of the Later Twentieth Century

    1. New religious movements spark interest and fear
    2. The new immigration and growing religious pluralism
    3. The courts wrestle with pluralism
    4. Pluralism's impact on spirituality and worship
  19. Chapter 16: The Many Faces of Pluralism in Postmodern America

    1. Postmodernism brings other dimensions of pluralism
    2. A resurgent evangelicalism brings more diversity
    3. Public issues reveal moral differences
    4. The many, changing faces of religious pluralism
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  21. Online Audio Resources
  22. Glossary
  23. Resources

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