Buddhism: The American Experience

About the Author

Charles Prebish

The author of Buddhism: The American Experience is Prof. Charles Prebish (Charles Redd Endowed Chair in Religious Studies, Utah State University). He has over thirty years of experience in teaching Buddhism to university students. In addition, he is the major pioneer in the study of Western forms of Buddhism, having published four books and two dozen articles on the subject since 1979, and is recognized as the world's foremost authority on the topic. He also is a founding Co-Editor of the Journal of Buddhist Ethics, an award-winning internet journal established in 1994, and has many years of experience in electronic publication. This unique background in teaching and online publication is now brought together in Buddhism: The American Experience. This achievement has been made possible through the skills of the technical editor emeritus of the Journal of Buddhist Ethics, Prof. Robert Hood, himself an academic and Buddhist practitioner.

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