Introducing American Religion
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Introducing American Religion Online:
Online Archives, Libraries, and Electronic Resources

A useful website compiled by Prof. Randall Stephens has links to discussion lists and blogs, major library collections, online research projects, and materials by topical area (such as women in religion), and a host of other resources. See

Helpful in identifying online primary sources for the antebellum through reconstruction periods is the Humanities Text Initiative of the University of Michigan. Go to and then click on the link, "Making of America."

The American Council of Learned Societies' Humanities E-Book Project has now made available more than 1000 titles of classic secondary works in the humanities, with a tilt towards history. Many deal with religion. Access is restricted, but many college and university libraries subscribe. For more information, go to

Many academic journals are now available online from their first issue forward, thanks to JSTOR (journal storage). Access is by individual or institutional subscription. For more information, go to

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