Introducing Daoism

Introducing Daoism
  • Introducing Daoism
  • by Livia Kohn
  • $28.15
  • ISBN 978-0-9801633-2-2

Introducing Daoism begins by providing a background to Daoism found in the depth of Chinese antiquity, then outlines the foundations of the tradition in the works of the ancient philosophers Laozi and Zhuangzi as well as in early forms of self-cultivation and traditional Chinese cosmology. The main parts of the book focus on the development of Daoism from the Han through the Tang dynasty and on its expansion from the Song dynasty onward. In each case, the work outlines the main schools and historical developments together with a discussion of worldview, cosmology, community, ritual, and practice. The final section deals with modernity, examining the current state of Daoism in China and its adaptation in the West. The book concludes with a reflection on the nature and study of Daoism, outlining the main academic trends and key issues that face the tradition today.

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