Buddhism: The American Experience

Table of Contents

Buddha's Life
Buddhist Doctrine
Buddhist Community Life
Chapter 1: The Landscape of American Buddhism
Who is a Buddhist in America?
How Many Buddhists are There in America?
Lines of Transmission From Asia
Chapter 2: Early and Ethnic Buddhist Groups in America
The Early Years
In the Twentieth Century
Chinese Buddhist Traditions
Japanese Buddhist Traditions
Tibetan Buddhist Traditions
Theravada Buddhist Traditions
Korean Buddhist Traditions
Vietnamese Buddhist Traditions
Chapter 3: Buddhist Practice in American Communities
Two Buddhisms, Two Practices
Meditative Practices
Non-Meditative Practices
Ethnic Groups
Precepts as Practice in American Buddhism
Scholar-Practitioners in American Buddhism
Practice for Young American Buddhists
The Cybersangha
Chapter 4: Democratization in the American Buddhist Community
A Statement of Issues
Authority Issues
Changing Gender Roles
Non-Traditional Lifestyles
Chapter 5: Socially Engaged Buddhism
What is Socially Engaged Buddhism?
Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Chapter 6: Adaptation in American Buddhism
General Issues
A Case in Point
Looking Ahead
Chapter 7: Ecumenicism in American Buddhism
Ecumenical Beginnings
Intra-Buddhist Attempts
Inter-Religious Dialogue
Chapter 8: American Buddhism in the New Century
The Earliest Predictions
End of the Century Estimates
The New Century and Beyond

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